S H O W   M E   T H E   E V I D E N C E  !
True or false? Learning Skills: 

  1. is an innovative, evidence-based approach to helping young people become more effective learners.

  2. was developed and tested at a secondary school in the South of England from 2010-15.

  3. has been rigorously evaluated over 5 years by researchers from the University of Cambridge.

  4. is associated with statistically significant academic gains – with exceptional gains among young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds.

  5. is currently being implemented in schools throughout the South-East of England.

You guessed it... the answer is true for 'all of the above'!
Video: 3-year outcomes...
A 5-year longitudinal study

In 2016 a research paper was published in the The Curriculum Journal, entitled:

Learning to Learn: improving attainment, closing the gap at Key Stage 3

This paper reports that in a 5-year pilot study at a secondary school in the South of England, Learning Skills led to:

  • Significant gains in academic learning across the curriculum (all subjects combined, vs. matched control group)

  • A significant closing of the Pupil Premium (PP) attainment gap, from the bottom up (by the end of Y9, the PP gap in the control cohort was 25%; in the Learning Skills cohort, the gap was just 2%).

A follow up article, which looks at the equally encouraging GCSE analysis, is also due for publication in 2016. 

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